Friday, 24 November 2017

Science Experiment

This morning we have been mixing water and oil to see what happens. This is the result!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Farm Animals

In class we are writing narratives.

Farm Animals

One sunny morning THUD “sorry for interrupting the story carry on” The farmer said as he fell out of bed.  Let's get back to the story so, One Morning when the sun was coming up and Farmer McPhee was getting out of bed to see the beautiful morning  sunset . he noticed out the window that something was not right he just couldn't put his finger on it. He got changed and went out to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat before he went out.

His little farm cottage had big windows on either side and farmer McPhee had a great view of his farm. He went to open his curtains in the kitchen and living room and he suddenly heard “Mooo” and then he looked out the window and saw Daisy, Melony and Ronnie grazing in his front lawn. He got up from the table and put his boots on, grabbed his jacket and he was gone exploring his yard for the gap in the fence surrounding his house for where the cows got in. Then he realised that he had put the cows in a high paddock on the other side of the farm because they were expecting some bad weather to come!

“How did they get here” Farmer McPhee said to himself. Farmer McPhee went outside to sort out the catastrophe that the cows have made. He first went up to the paddock that he had originally put them in to see how they got out. He got up there and the paddock was perfectly fine “I don’t understand how they got out” He murmured to himself. So he went back to get his cows back into their paddock.

He got back to the house and the cows were nowhere in sight. “Where could they have gone now”Yelled the farmer as he jumped back in his truck and headed off to find them. He had nearly gone around the whole farm before he found them again but when he found them they were back in there paddock, he didn’t understand how.

He decided to go home and make a plan on how to spy on the cows to see what they are doing. He had to think quick and smart on what he was going to do. He had a few ideas about what he was going to do. He went back up to the paddock to set up some amera to hopefully see what they are doing. Then a light bulb popped into his mind and he had the idea to spy on the cows himself and catch the cows red “hoofed”. “There is a lot of bush around where the cows are now so I can go and hide in there” he thought to himself. He went up the find a place in the bush where he can hide, so the cows can’t see him. He set up some tarpolines and left some snacks for later. He went back up to the high paddock where the cows were and hid in the bush and waited for them to move. It was a couple of hours later before the cows started to move. They got up on their back legs and opened the gates. The farmer was speech less about what he just saw.

Farmer McPhee jumped into his truck and went off after them. He caught up to them and they suddenly stopped and went back to grazing in a paddock. “I have caught you now. You can’t get away from me now”  Farmer McPhee yelled too them. “Fine you have got us now Farmer” Mooed Daisy and the farmer was speechless that he could understand them. “We just want to be free” Melony mooed. “Well you could have said that you wanted to be free” Screeched Farmer McPhee. “Well we do want to be free” Ronnie Mooed. Be free run around the farm like crazy I don’t care” Yelled the farmer. So the cows went free and roamed around the farm and they helped Farmer McPhee with all of his jobs.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Picture Story

Quick Writes is for you to practice all your great writing skills and vocab in a really short timeframe. (10 mins)

Quick writes is where you write for a solid 10 minutes. (after you get your main ideas in your head)

Here is the video we used to create the picture story Tom Trueheart and The Land Of Dark Stories

Tom Trueheart
& The Land Of Dark Stories

I am going to take you to a place you won’t believe is real… Tom is a little boy that is going to take us on an adventure to save his 6 brothers and their princess brides from the Land Of Dark Stories. Let the adventure begin… There is only one thing in the way he is the size of a thumb but that doesn’t worry him. Deep down in the wood there was a sound “scrunch, scrunch” from little Tom’s feet on the big leaves below him. He is following footsteps from his brothers hoping it will lead him to the right place…

Wednesday, 31 May 2017