Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My Writing - What Are The Best Shoes To Wear In The Summer Sneakers or Jandals

Both sneakers and Jandals are adequate footwear to wear in the summer. They are both great for walks. There are good and bad aspects to both of these types of footwear.  I will discuss the pros and cons of wearing either of these shoes in summer.

Primarily Sneaker’s are great for long walks and tramping because how they secure your feet. They have great support around your ankle and heel for walking. Furthermore Sneakers are a comfortable footwear because they give you padding on the sides for when you are walking around. In Addition Sneakers can make you end up with blisters especially if they are new shoes and you go for a long walk in them. However Sneakers aren’t easy to slip on and off because you have to tie your laces and untie when you take them off.

Primarily Jandals Are great for the outdoors and on the beach because you are able to go through the water because they are not all enclosed  and it doesn’t matter if they get all wet and dirty because they are easy to wash. Furthermore Jandals Are easy to get on and off when you are in a rush to go somewhere because, you can just slip them on and off, because of the designed strap. In Addition Jandals Are only good for short walks not tramps or something like that because, jandals have no support and you can easily stub your toe or get a blister in between your toes. Finally Jandals  Have all the mud and dirt flick up at the back because of the back bit when you walk everything can flick up. It can be annoying when you are getting ready to go out and things are flicking up.

I am going to recap some of my ideas about Jandals compared to Sneakers. If i was you and i was going for a on the beach or down to the river i would pick jandals. But if i was going for a tramp or long walk i would pick sneakers. So that is what i would wear in the summer.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My World War 1 Hero

Edouard Izac

  1. Edouard Izac was the youngest of 9 children

  2. He served as Democratic Congressman, 1936-1947
  3. Full Name - Edouard Victor Michael Izac
  4. Died in 1975 was 100
  5. Image result for Edouard IzacHe won the “Tiffany Medal Of Honour”Image result for medal of honor medal
  6. Represented California
  7. Died of congestive heart failure
  8. 19 grand children
  9. 25 great-grandchildren
  10. Only US Navy person to be awarded memorial medal in World War 1

I admire that he has been awarded the “Tiffany Medal Of Honour” and that he  had represented California.