Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mum’s Revenge

WALA: Writing a story that people want to read. (Narrative)

Early in the morning in the local shop, one round faced, cuddly Mum wearing her usual blue and red outfit, was buying groceries.
“This is the last time cat will eat my food” though Mum.  

Lurking in the background the solitary figure of a large, fluffy barrel-like gingery white cat, who was on the lookout for food, greedy cat.
“Oooh! What’s Mum going to get me today” Greedy Cat thought excitedly.  

Little did he know that Mum picked a nasty surprise from lots of different coloured and sizeed tins and cans that were all.

Back at home Greedy Cat, still on the lookout for food thought he’d sniff out a tasty treat. Peeking out from  behind the door, Mum watched on. “this is going to be good” whispered Mum. All of a sudden Greedy Cat found out what his treat was.
“Meeeooowww!” screeched Greedy Cat.

“This is the last time I’m going in Mum’s shopping bag” thought Greedy Cat as he scampered away. Meanwhile Mum thought “I’ve given that cat a lesson” as Mum shut the door behind Greedy Cat.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Think Board

WALA: Solving problems with part of a number (Fraction, decimal or percentage).

Explain Everything

WALT: Was to learn how to use Explain Everything and upload videos off YouTube.