Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Space Probes

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WALA: Using their prior knowledge, along with information in the text, to interpret abstract ideas, complex plots, and sophisticated themes. 

This Story is about Space Probes.
Space Probes are a spacecraft that does not carry people. They go where humans cannot or dare not to go. They have been to every planet in the Solar System.

Making- Meaning

  1. Where are space probes sent?
They travel round space and go to all the planets and dwarf planets.

2. Why do you think the word probe has been used for this type of spacecraft?
Because  a space probe is a spacecraft for use in docking with another craft

3. Why does the author say that humans dare not go to some places in space?
Because it’s risky and dangerous and humans can’t go to some planets or deep into space, because the risks are sometimes unknown and the distances are so far

4. Why can space probes be successful even though they are quite small?
So they can explore different spaces
Equipment they carry:
  • infrared sensors, to measure the temperature of the planet
  • radars, to see the surface of the planet through the clouds
  • magnetometers, to measure magnetic fields
  • cameras, to send photos of planets and moons back to Earth
  • instruments that take samples of dust and debris in space   

5. How successful do you feel the use of space probes has been to date?
Successful because they have found new planets and helped scientists figure things out. Scientists can also predict things that might happen by seeing what's coming out in space.

6. What do you think might create the rings around Saturn?
The dust, Ice and Rocks

7. Do you feel exploration is good or bad use of time and/or money?Why?
No we think it’s good because people who want to be mechanics or scientists or something like that can study the planets and the solar system

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Mihi

At School we have been working on our Mihi's. Mihi's are a way of expressing your self in Maori and telling other people about your self, like where you live, what mountains you have and rivers you have flowing near.