Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Picture Story

Quick Writes is for you to practice all your great writing skills and vocab in a really short timeframe. (10 mins)

Quick writes is where you write for a solid 10 minutes. (after you get your main ideas in your head)

Here is the video we used to create the picture story Tom Trueheart and The Land Of Dark Stories

Tom Trueheart
& The Land Of Dark Stories

I am going to take you to a place you won’t believe is real… Tom is a little boy that is going to take us on an adventure to save his 6 brothers and their princess brides from the Land Of Dark Stories. Let the adventure begin… There is only one thing in the way he is the size of a thumb but that doesn’t worry him. Deep down in the wood there was a sound “scrunch, scrunch” from little Tom’s feet on the big leaves below him. He is following footsteps from his brothers hoping it will lead him to the right place…